Eco-Business Consulting Services

We are increasing our profits without raising prices. We are creating a more healthy and productive environment for our employees/tenants. We are being fiscally responsible with our energy, water, and material resources. We are positioning our brands and/or services as sustainable choices for consumers and we are noticing an increase in business as a direct result of our newest efforts. We are making a difference!

Green In The Valley, LLC is committed to making the affirmation mentioned above a reality for business and building owners across the valley. We answer the tough questions. Where can we save? Where do we have issues? How “Green” are we going to go? What will be my gross and net costs? What will be my Return On my Investment (ROI) with all the associated rebates from the manufacturer, power company, state and federal tax credits and or rebates with the associated sustainable practices we intend to implement? Contact us today to set up our initial no cost  meeting to discuss the 1st step toward sustainability in your business/building(s).

Our staff of experts do an in depth study of your current building(s) and deliver an independent report identifying areas where savings may take place. A simple, easy to follow list of recommendations is provided beginning with what is the least expensive sustainable practice to take on, and what is the ROI associated with it, to what is the most expensive sustainable practice to implement and how long until the savings recoup upfront costs.

Green In The Valley’s report will cover following categories:

Energy Savings Use Water Use Savings
Insulation Restrooms
HVAC Landscaping
Lighting Storm water management
Solar Liquid Gold
Green Roofs for Arizona Buildings  
Return On Investment Indoor Air Quality
Rebates: Power Company, State, Federal, and Manufacturers HVAC
Independent Report Ventilation
Initial Review Guarantee Thermal Comfort
LEED Certification ROI Report Low emitting Materials
Improved Employee Productivity Competitive Edge Over Competitors
Air Quality Eco-conscious business
Natural lighting Increasing market share (reason to contact customer base)
Employee Lunch Workshops  
Employee team building Eco-Challenges  



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