Eco Charter School Consulting

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”

-Ancient Native American proverb


Arizona State University’s College of Sustainability is still in its infancy. If a major university has taken a leadership role in the study of Sustainability, it only makes sense that our students begin to learn from a young age the importance of managing our natural resources in a fiscally responsible way.

Green In The Valley’s vision for charter schools is to make each one of them a “Green” sustainable school. One in which each charter school owner is saving on energy and water use, is recycling within the school, has gardens for both educational and nutritional reasons, has implemented our sustainable curriculum (series of classes in the 1st and 2nd semester customized to living here in the Valley of The Sun), has young students competing in innovative sustainable contests/projects and winning scholarships to advance their education.

Green In The Valley envisions the Charter School owner not only reducing overhead, but increasing enrollment.  In an environment with multiple school choices (public, charter, private) for parents to send their children, what might be some of the deciding factors? In a case where all things are equal between two schools except one has improved air quality, and is teaching sustainable practices, has programs implemented for students to gain national recognition and participate in leadership conferences, and  projects that make a positive impact on the local environment, what choice do we think the parents will make?

Contact us today for our initial no cost consultation. Each Charter School Owner that contracts with us will receive an in depth report containing information for owner to make informed decision on how “Green” they want to go.

Here is a summary of the report that will be supplied to owner:

Energy Use Savings Water Use Savings
Insulation Restrooms
HVAC Landscaping
Lighting Storm water management
Solar Liquid Gold
Green Roofs for Arizona Charter Schools Buildings  
Return On Investment Eco-Education Program k-12
Rebates: Power Company, State, Federal, and Manufacturers  Customized curriculum
 Independent Report Field Trips
Initial Review Guarantee State/Regional/National Leadership Contests and Scholarship Awards
Improved Educational Setting Competitive Edge over Competitors
Air Quality  Eco-conscious Charter Schools
Natural lighting  Increase enrollment
Low emitting materials  


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