The environment we usually spend the most time in is where we live. Be it a mansion, house, condo, townhome, or apartment makes no difference. What may make a difference is the quality of air we breathe in our “home,” the amount of dollars we spend on controlling the temperature of the air whether in the heat of summer or the “cold” of winter here in the valley of the sun. The percentage of each one’s paycheck that goes toward water usage also can make a difference.  The amount of dust moving through your home can also make a difference in amount of cleaning products one purchases. The amount of natural light, or lack thereof, can affect energy use as well.

Green In The Valley is dedicated to consulting with homeowners on how they can reduce their energy and water usage, and understand the rebates that are available to them.

We provide an independent report that gives owners critical information on what their gross and net costs would be if they cure their HVAC leaks, or re-insulate their home, or add Solar to home, or change out windows and doors, or improve their air quality. We list in order the least expensive sustainable practice to implement with the greatest ROI (Return on Investment), to what is the most expensive sustainable practice to implement and how long before that practice pays itself off with the savings it produces. Contact us today to take first step toward living "green".

The report covers information in each topic below:

Energy Savings Use Water Use Savings
Insulation Kitchen/Bathrooms/Laundry Room
HVAC Landscaping
Lighting Storm water management
Solar Liquid Gold
Green Roofs for Arizona Buildings  
Return On Investment Indoor Air Quality
Rebates: Power Company, State, Federal, and Manufacturers HVAC
Independent Report Ventilation
Initial Review Guarantee Thermal Comfort
  Low emitting Materials
Improved Interior Living Quality Competitive Edge When Time To Sell
Air Quality Eco-conscious Home Buyer
Natural Lighting Benefits of Eco-Friendly home
Thermal Comfort  
Low Emitting Materials  



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