Eco Savings Book

This on-line Eco-Savings “book” has been created to join eco-conscious consumers with eco-friendly businesses.  Green In The Valley is focused on signing up as many local eco-friendly businesses as they can find.  Feel free to contact Green In The Valley if you hear of a local company doing business in a sustainable way.

How it works:  Members join, receiving their own username and password. Once logged in, members select from a list of categories to look for their Eco-Coupons. The categories are as follows:

  1. Eco-Adventure
  2. Eco-Apparel
  3. Eco-Beauty
  4. Eco-Cleaning
  5. Eco-Dining
  6. Eco-Fitness
  7. Eco-Health
  8. Eco-Living
  9. Eco-Remodeling
  10. Eco-Travel

For example, a member wants to go out to eat and wants to enjoy dinner at a local restaurant that incorporates sustainability in some shape or form in their business (be it recycling, using organic food, being fiscally responsible with their energy and water use, etc). Member clicks on Vendors Eco-Coupon, prints it and away they go.  They will also have the opportunity to post their reviews of their experience.

The good news is the member can print same Eco-Coupon and use it again depending on expiration date set by vendor.

Is there a cost to members? Eco-consumers have 3 levels of memberships to choose from: South Mountain level, Piestewa Peak level, and Camelback level.  The Eco-Savings Book goes live on Earth Day 2012 with 100+ eco-vendors to choose from with savings making it eco-wise to sign up as a member! Sign up by Earth Day (April 22nd) to receive the first 30 days for free! Come May 22nd the 1st monthly payment will be processed. Please review each value packed membership level and sign up for one that best suits your sustainable practices. 10% of your membership dues will be used to purchase carbon offsets to make the valley one of the most carbon neutral places in the country.

When can members join? Today. If you are interested in joining fill out our newsletter/membership form and we will notify you when we have signed up our first 100 eco-friendly vendors.  You will also receive our monthly newsletter updating you with new vendors that have joined the Eco-Savings Book program.

Once Green In The Valley has signed up 100 eco-friendly vendors we will send out an email notice that the Eco-Savings Book is open for business! By signing up for our Newsletter you can receive info as to what vendors have signed up, and how close we are to our 100 vendors. Our goal is to have 100 Vendors signed up before the April 2011.


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